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Migration Overview
Applications are the lifeblood that makes your business flow. At MB Foster we have been helping customers manage applications for years, starting with data transformations and migrations in 1985. We work in manufacturing, retail, transportation, financial, healthcare, technology, government, education and not-for-profits assisting with successful management and migration of applications and data.
With our experience, we have discovered that the lowest risk and most cost effective approach to migrations is to break the process down into these major steps:
  1. Assessment
  2. Detailed Plan
  3. Implementation
With hundreds of people years of migration experience on staff and thousands upon thousands of tasks that we have helped customers complete, we have the experience to assess, plan, and manage the implementation of any migration. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your organization safely make the transition or help keep your existing applications running.
Keep reading to learn more about assessments or Email MB Foster so that we can help you identify the best process for moving your organization ahead.