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UDAXpress is a versatile native application for the Windows platform and is capable of extracting, transforming, and loading data and files. UDAXpress was designed to handle the rigors of a large production processing environment while operating natively in an open systems environment.
As a scripting language UDAXpress provides a command line utility, capable of extracting, sorting, reading, writing, copying, linking, editing, converting, exporting and updating data from relational databases and files.
UDAXpress' unique capabilities minimize the risk and impact of transforming HP 3000 extracts and scripts to the Windows platform. Conversion and transformation of extracts and scripts with UDAXpress has never been easier and will result in the following:
Key Features
UDAXpress Value
  • UDAXpress runs on Windows 2003, 2005 and 2008 servers and can be used in the following environments
  • Batch and Interactive modes
  • System variable management
  • Multi -step, multi-pass procedures
  • Database SQL statements support
Supported File Types
Keyword File Type
FILE Fixed binary flat file
LINK self describing fixed binary flat file
- LINK and SD are interchangeable
All output files will be created as a self describing file if the meta-data is passed at the time of opening the file.
LIST Output list
NULL Output only, data goes to the bit bucket
$NULL Same as NULL
PRN variable ASCII text file, comma delimited, quoted strings
SD self-describing fixed binary flat file
TEXT variable ASCII text file
VARIABLE variable binary flat file (record length stored if smallint)
VARRELATIVE variable binary flat file (record length stored if smallint)
(records padded to length provided at file creation)
=INPUT output only, specify for sorting a file into itself
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