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Application Migration – It is a team effort 1

Application Migration – It is a team effort

The thing about applications is that they support the workflow for your business, so an application migration has to be done with a plan. The plan has to start at the business end of the organization. First the inventory of the applications should be taken. Then you scorecard them into a portfolio based on the business fit. What are the functions of the application and how does it work for each of the different roles of the business users?

Even if an application fits it might be necessary to have it on a list for transition because of risk from the current infrastructure (hardware, software, or database type or versions), the current level of documentation or indeed the succession plan for the users or the IT staff that support it.

If there are good reasons to do an application migration, it will take a team of business users working with IT staff to organize the new application environment, install the application in its new home – really its development, test and production environments must be considered whether COTS or custom, on premises or cloud deployment.

Excellent leadership, with dynamic project management will be required to move the project across the finish line. Book the time from all parties early to ensure the schedule is not impaired by a resource being on vacation. After the initial data load, followed by unit and integration testing the UAT stage begins. User Acceptance testing has to be done and signed off on before the go live.

It is a team effort – don’t throw anyone under the bus – learn to co-operate and communicate. The communication plan is as important as the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). Set expectations, and plan carefully to make sure your project is one of the 10% that end up on time and on budget rather than the 55% that are have overruns, or the 35% that are just cancelled.

My team has won awards from customers with whom we partnered for application migration projects. Our customer list speaks for itself. You need to all be on the same page with great cooperation especially if your plan runs into some snags.

On behalf of the MBFoster team – thanks for stopping by.

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