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Our Operational Data Store and DataMart solution will enable you to solve your data availability needs and integrate from multiple data sources.

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A data availability solution that delivers results 80% faster for 20% of the cost.

MB Foster’s Operational Data Store (ODS) and DataMart (DM) data integration solutions enable you to integrate multiple data sources into a single ODS (ie. Database). The ODS then flows data into DMs which are subject-oriented and read only for a fast and secure decision support environment.

  • Quickly solve data availability issues
  • Multiple data integration sources
  • Use your current analytical and BI tools for reporting
Our Data Store and DataMart Clients
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ODS & DM Benefits

  • Implement in weeks
  • Data is in one spot – solving data availability needs
  • Improved accuracy of information – consistent and clean
  • Self-service to frequently needed data
  • Scalable to over 100 sources
  • Customizable
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Evolve as your business needs grow

ODS & DM Features

  • 25 different source connectors (includes flat files)
  • Visual data mapping
  • Data translation rules wizard
  • Real-time-synchronization-ready
  • Table splitting during data transfer
  • Compatible with the analytics software of your choice
  • Self-hosted and managed
Case Study

Aquascape Designs + MB Foster

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How Our Data Integration System Works

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