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Our data migration product, UDACentral, is a robust data migration solution that was built by data migration specialists.

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Data Agnostic software solutions

MB Foster’s data migration solution, Universal Data Access (UDA) Central, is a proven product that’s been the key to success behind hundreds of data migration projects.

UDACentral is a graphical data migration tool that allows you to see and explore your source and target environments. When you’re ready to map your data, just use the graphical interface to drag and drop your data from source to target, as well as set the proper translation configurations.

  • Quick to learn and deploy
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Less database-specific data migration knowledge required
Our UDACentral Clients
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UDACentral Benefits

  • Saved time via automated scripts
  • Fast error identification & resolution
  • Reduced database knowledge requirement
  • Learn the source and target environment faster
  • Obtain a list of post-migration differences

UDACentral Features

  • Visual interface
  • Any DB/OS to Any DB/OS migration
  • On-premises or cloud on-boarding of data
  • Data Mapper
  • Data Explorer – generate an Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Automated migration scripting
  • 15 levels of debug with logs
  • Data rules creation
  • Table/Column splitting
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Data Agnostic
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Case Study

Graceland University + MB Foster

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