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ODBC/JDBC Data Connector

Leverage your existing HP3000 or HP-UX server with ODBC/JDBC

MBFoster’s Universal Data Access (UDA) Link is an ODBC and JDBC data connector that enables your organization to connect your applications to databases using the popular ODBC or JDBC drivers.

  • Sustain your legacy environment and leverage your data asset
  • Build and deploy custom data repositories
  • Facilitates data cleansing and data decommissioning
  • Quickly solve data availability issues
  • Delivers client server reporting services within a legacy environment

Our UDALink Clients

UDALink Benefits

  • Enhance an organization’s ability to leverage information and technology investments.
  • Improve profitability and productivity
  • Harnessing the value of information without developing proprietary data connector links
  • Providing comprehensive reporting and ad hoc query opportunities

UDALink Features

  • Host based report writer
  • Unicom Powerhouse PDL plug in
  • Run multiple listener jobs
  • Access KSAM or Flat files
  • Supports Inner and Outer Joins
  • Supports Multi-threading

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Sensormatic + MB Foster

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Linking Your Applications with UDALink

An illustration showing the link between the application and the ODBC/JDBC Data Connector

UDALink Improves Profitability and Productivity 
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