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increase your revenue with a modern direct commerce solution

MB Foster has partnered with Shopify to provide a clear, low risk path for a migration to Shopify Plus. Some of the advantages of partnering with MB Foster are:

  • Have your Shopify store tailored to your business – MB Foster will suggest the best add-ons to maximize your revenue
  • Leverage modern sales channels – twitter, pinterest, instagram, mobile
  • Reduce IT hardware and labor costs
  • Bring your data with you – use our knowledge of both platforms to quickly migrate

A Seamless Transition to Shopify Plus

Fully Hosted SaaS Platform

A migration to Shopify Plus will welcome you to a highly scalable, managed, e-commerce platform. This will enable your organization to drive down IT hardware and labor costs.

7000+ CPU Cores

99.99% Server Uptime

200 TB Storage

Ecometry to Shopify

Unlimited Products and Bandwidth

The Shopify platform gives you an unlimited sales volume across an unlimited amount of products, at an unlimited total bandwidth. By taking on a migration to Shopify Plus, you will be able to offer a flash sale or huge Black Friday promotion worry-free.

Payments, Security, and Extensions

70+ Payment Gateways

After completing a migration to Shopify Plus, you will enjoy a platform that integrates with over 70 different payment gateways to easily sell in multiple languages and currencies.

Level 1 PCI DSS Complient

Shopify Plus is also Level 1 PCI DSS Complient. They undergo annual, on-site compliance assessments and continuous risk management.

1000+ Shopify Apps

MB Foster will assess your business needs during your migration to Shopify Plus, produce recommendations for Apps from the Shopify App Store, and special uses of Shopify’s APIs and SDKs.


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