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As a long-term re-seller of Reflection, MB Foster has sold millions of dollars worth of the famous Reflection Terminal Emulator.

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Preserve you legacy investments with a reflection terminal emulator

Reflection Terminal Emulator is by far, the number one choice of legacy host access solution. It’s benefits include:

  • One-stop host access for HP, IBM, Unix, Linux, and OpenVMS hosts
  • Give users the familiar, modern look of a Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office interface
  • Cut keystrokes with personalized sessions by automating tasks for users

Reflection Terminal Emulator – The #1 Legacy Host-Access Solution in the World

Reflection Terminal Emulator 1

One-Stop Host-Access Solution

The Reflection Terminal Emulator is a Windows Client that connects users with HP, IBM, Unix, Linux, and Open VMS Solutions. The desktop client software is supported on the newest technologies including Windows 10, 8.1, and 7. Reflection also supports IPv6 and 64-bit computing.

Reflection Terminal Emulator 2

Military-Strength Security

The Reflection Terminal Emulator was built to meet the highest government security standards. It includes:

  • TLS 1.2 encryption and SHA-256/RSA-2048 digital signatures
  • Mask data on live host screens
  • Redact data as it is entered
  • Prevent wireless network access
  • Log host access and specify access levels by user groups

Ease of Use, Increased Productivity, and Central Control

Familiar Interface

Connect users to legacy hosts in a familiar Windows-Office-Like interface. Customize user interfaces depending on their role, and control changes and update centrally.

Boost Productivity

Reflection can cut you keystrokes by taking advantage of MS Office productivity features, adding copy-paste functionality and customtizable ribbon tabs.

Centralized Control

Keep your users up to date and secure at all times. Configure, secure, deploy, and update from a central location.

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