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On November 14, 2001, HP announced the future end of sales date for the HP3000 software and hardware product lines. The HP3000 computer system was sold until October 31, 2003 and HP continued to provide support to HP3000 customers until December 31, 2006. HP support services were extended until 2010, however no other extensions have been provided. The HP3000 is a legacy platform… however many continue to use it as the backbone of there operations.

In 2001 MB Foster became an HP3000 Platinum Migration Partner. We offered HP3000 clients the ability to transition custom applications off the HP3000 to a Windows, UX or Linux platform. We were a one stop shop for custom application migrations, having done a lot of research on how to mitigate the risk of migrating without failure.

As part of our efforts, we found various software products that emulated the features and functions of the HP3000. The products that continue to be available in the market are Ordat’s Ti2SQL and Marxmeier Eloquence. Both are available through MB Foster. If you need additional information, please ask.