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preserve your hp 3000 application logic with an eloquence hp 3000 emulation

Marxmeier’s Eloquence software is an IDE and runtime environment. Commonly used as method to eliminate HP 3000 hardware risk, Eloquence software is often used as an HP 3000 migration path and emulation option.

  • Runs in Windows, Linux, and HP-UX
  • Migration path for 4GLs (Powerhouse, Speedware)
  • Transition IMAGE to a relational database
  • Hp 3000 technical skills are easily transferable to Eloquence software

Powerful, Flexible, and Cost-Effective HP 3000 Migration Path

Fully Featured IDE

Eloquence’s IDE includes integrated syntax checking, syntax color, and the ability to open multiple windows / views. It also includes a compiler, a source code debugger, on-line help, and a dialog editor.

Deploy on Any Modern Server

Eloquence software runs on Windows, HP-UX, and Linux, meaning you are free to choose your target environment. Flexibility is a must-have feature!

Easy Licensing Model

With user-based or unlimited options for licensing, you won’t break the bank. Eloquence software is the most affordable HP 3000 migration path available.

Eliminate Hardware Risk

Eloquence software will port your application to Unix, Linux, or Windows. The end result is your application with a familiar look and feel on supportable and modern hardware.

Preserve Your Legacy Investments

Find the

Scalable Solution

Eloquence software provides an IDE and Runtime Environment that will grow with your organization. It includes:

  • Ability to support one to hundreds of concurrent users
  • Ability to support databases larger than 500GB
  • IDE on Windows and Standard Development Environment (text-based) on Windows, HP-UX, and Linux
  • Eloquence programming language – based on HP Busniess Basic
  • DBMS – Relational, based on IMAGE
  • TurboIMAGE extension
  • Graphical User Interface options:
    • Web based dialogue interface
    • Java based dialogue interface
    • Windows based dialogue interface
  • Online Documentation
  • Upwards compatibility

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