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MB Foster Enhances JDBC Access To Data

Chesterville, Ontario

MB Foster is announcing that the UDALink for data access and reporting solution has been enhanced. The JDBC2 module of UDALink was enhanced to include client support for the JDBC 3.0 API a type 4 interface.

The JDBC 3.0 API introduced changes, including; Reuse of prepared statement by connection pools, Connection pool configuration, Savepoint support, Retrieval of parameter metadata and auto-generated keys, BOOLEAN data types, Updating of columns containing BLOB, CLOB, ARRAY & REF, Transformation groups and type mapping and Database Metadata API’s to name a few.  Additionally, UDALink empty statements feature was repaired.

As one of the leading ODBC and JDBC solutions for multi-platform information delivery, these enhancements expand the potential uses for UDALink and the JDBC2 module.

“Our customers are an important part of our business”, said Birket Foster, CEO of MB Foster Associates Limited. “It was a customer who requested that we enhance the UDALink JDBC2 driver to support the JDBC 3.0 API. We were pleased to do so, and ensure that this customer and future customers can continue to leverage newer technologies with legacy business critical applications. The flexibility with the new interface will allow new integrations, and access for all HP3000 and UDALink customers.”

Acquiring UDALink is easy, adding the JDBC2 module is also easy; to obtain pricing information please email us at sales@mbfoster.com.

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