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MB Foster Releases MBF eZ-MPE

Chesterville, Ontario

MB Foster is announcing the release and immediate availability of MBF eZ-MPE

As a leading HP3000 application migration, modernization and re-hosting services company we have seen a consistent need for a “hybrid” solution that mimics the HP3000 ecosystem its database, commands, file system, scripts, scheduler and UDC’s.

Raymond Bilodeau – Manager Professional Services and his team of expert architects, said they developed MBF eZ-MPE to:

For some time HP3000 clients with custom in-house developed applications had a few migration paths, including emulation software or a hardware emulator.  A “hybrid” said Birket Foster, CEO of MB Foster Associates, “delivers the best of both worlds and is an enabler to completing projects on time and within budget and moving to a native environment as part of a company’s long range plans.”

For more information on how to engage with MB Foster, or to learn more about MBF eZ-MPE, please email sales@mbfoster.com

About MB Foster

MB Foster is in the business of helping HP3000 customers. As charter member of HP’s Platinum Migration Partner from 2002-2015 and a JDA Direct Commerce (Ecometry) Surround Code Migration Specialist, we can assist with projects where moving data between popular databases is required and where business logic needs to be converted and re-integrated.

Whether it is a software product, migration project, data services, or project management, we make it easy for customers to engage with us.  We work with our customers to streamline their IT business operations, reduce costs, improve delivery, and grow revenues.

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