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MB Foster Releases Version 3.2 of MBF-Scheduler

Chesterville, Ontario

MB Foster is announcing an upgrade release of the GUI interface for version 3.2 of MBF-Scheduler.

MBF Scheduler delivers the robust job scheduling features required to automate daily, weekly and monthly processes for the Microsoft Windows® Server platform. MBF Scheduler provides users with complete visibility and control over their data processing jobs, making it easy for system administrators and operators to manage running jobs, view job output, schedule jobs, view the queue of scheduled jobs and maintain complex dependencies and relationships between jobs.

“MBF-Scheduler’s GUI interface provides greater visibility and control over MBFSched background process” says Raymond Bilodeau, Manager of Professional Services.  Raymond also stated that customers will be able to manage multiple applications that communicate with the master MBFSched service.

Birket Foster, MB Foster CEO, said “MBF Scheduler newly added GUI interface enhancements expand upon an already robust scheduling solution for Windows ® servers.  We continue to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ evolving needs and delivering a solution that fits their long term batch job scheduling requirements.”

The following GUI interface enhancements have been added to MBF Scheduler.

  1. A view filter by job name in the active queue
  2. View filters by schedule name and catalog in the permanent queue
  3. Support for the * wild card in the user, job name, schedule name, and catalog view filters

For more information on how to obtain MBF-Scheduler, please email info@mbfoster.com.

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