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Webinar Date: March 21, 2018

Join us and Ed Stangler of Bradmark Technologies on March 21, 2018 as we deliver an overview of Surveillance DB and its value. Surveillance maximizes database performance and mitigates any negative impacts to your business. If you are experiencing poor performance and need to examine top queries and identify system inefficiencies, then Surveillance DB is the software you should learn more about.

A reliable tool like Surveillance, focused on monitoring databases, is essential these days.  It is the cornerstone of an internal I.T. department, who are tasked to put out fires quickly. The benefits of Surveillance are clear;

  1. Enhances your ability to maintain system efficiency and peace of mind
  2. Complete visibility across enterprise databases and data layers
  3. Immediate and complete oversight from a single operational dashboard
  4. Pinpoint problem areas fast
  5. Ability to rectify potential issues before they arise

Surveillance Supports

Every attendee will receive a “What is Surveillance database monitoring – eBook and upcoming eBooks”.