Applications come and go, but data is forever!

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Webinar Date: October 17, 2018

Is your company planning to replace an application and move data? When would you start planning decommissioning historical data from the retiring application?

After three decades of helping companies move data the MB Foster team of data transformation specialists, would recommend “on the first day of the replacement application project plan”.  Why? Applications come and go, but data is forever!

Stakeholders who often own the data will define the data and help retain the original meaning of it and the context of that data. In so doing, they are helping quantify the separation of data for the initial load; data needed long term and not needed in the end.

These same stakeholders expecting to leverage long term data will also want it saved in formats that are easily accessed by any number of decision support products. This last item can influence the replacement project plan dramatically, such as; new servers to house data, addition of a Data Mart or Operational Data Store, and finally integration with a pre-existing Data Warehouse.

The act of preserving data and data decommissioning as part of the replacement planning stage, brings the entire plan full circle and to a logical conclusion. Join us, as we deliver this webinar and a comprehensive overview of the data decommissioning process.