Data Migration Best Practices

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Webinar Date: December 13, 2018

This webinar recording is available to watch on our video page.

Your company invested in an ERP solution and you’ve been tasked to migrate data from a legacy database into a new one.

You searched Google, on ‘data migration, how to, and tools’.  You’ve come to conclude that for all the information that’s out there, not one of the suggested ‘courses of action’ suits your specific needs. In fact, the majority suggests a simple “export and import” process and you know that’s not the case… welcome to our world!

We hear from customer after customer about their data context, infrastructure and data format challenges and differences, data quality and governance issues, lack of time and resources, deadlines, government guidelines, auditor requirements and so many other variables. It really is quite overwhelming.

With decades of experience in our back pocket and a significant tool belt to match, we can take you through the data migration best practices framework. Our practical method breaks down components into manageable project planning steps, so that the entire effort is streamlined from start to finish.