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Webinar Date: January 16, 2019

It’s no secret, at MB Foster our entire team is laser focused on “Moving Data”. What makes us and our software different? As an example; searching google for “Data Migration Toolkit” you’ll see offers from IBM, MySQL, Microsoft, Postgres etc. Here’s my point, the UDACentral data migration software toolkit has no allegiance to any vendor or their database. That says a lot, making it the most essential tool for your tool belt.

MB Foster’s data transformation specialists are as unique as our software. Not only can we “Move Your Data” we have dedicated decades of time, perfecting data migration processes, methodologies, risk mitigation strategies, best practices, and data validation methods, ensuring that your data transformation project is completed successfully.

MB Foster is not only unique in the sense that it delivers high quality software and services; we also “educate” those who want to tackle their own migration project. Typical time to value is 3-5 days, including the training time. There is nothing more rewarding for us, than catapulting an individual to the top of the success ladder.

What remains is “How Do We Do It”? Now it’s your turn to see UDACentral in action and for us to show you UDACentral’s functional capabilities. Join the MB Foster Research and Development team and see the value for yourself.