Does your scheduler notify you if something is wrong?

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Webinar Date: October 18, 2016

This webinar recording is available to watch on our video page.

Automated solutions that attain high levels of availability, reliability and productivity are a must. MBF Scheduler delivers better control and automates your job steams, even the ones that have intricate dependencies.  

A Windows Scheduled Task may have worked well in the past. But your company has grown, and you’ve acquired more infrastructure. Do you know what jobs have being scheduled, on which server and at what times?

One of the many achievements of MBF Scheduler is its ability to manage complex batches through queues and a fence, ensuring everything runs in the right order and notifies someone if a job stalls or aborts. With the right solution, automating your processes is both practical and beneficial.  

In this video you will see a live demonstration of MBF Scheduler and how it reduces manual management of your job flows.