Enterprise Level Scheduling for Windows Servers

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Webinar Date: March 13, 2019

It was only last week where we outlined the virtues of automating Windows batch jobs.

Comprehensive “schedulers” do more than just schedule a job to run, at a specified time, or on a given day. In fact, many companies have jobs that include dependencies on other jobs or processes being completed first. If the previous job(s) do not finish the net results are numerous stalled processes with errors that could potentially hold up a full day’s business cycle. Solving the problem is labour intensive, IT staff is forced to locate and correct the problem, re-issue job streams and monitor them. But, what if this happens at four o’clock in the morning?

Saying goodbye to repetitive manual job processing and Task Scheduler on Windows servers and automating your jobs with MBF-Scheduler is the answer.  Your productivity will soar with full administrative control and automation of hundreds of jobs.

Now for the good part! What if we told you that you can see MBF-Scheduler in action? Would you participate in a short 1 hour presentation and demonstration?  We hope you will.

MBF-Scheduler gives you: