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Webinar Date: September 19, 2018

Concept: Migration Garage – Featuring the 3R’s of migration – Re-Host/Re-Platform, Replace, Retire.

Is this webinar for you?  Over the past decade, MB Foster successfully completed hundreds of data and application migrations. Sometimes the application was being replaced and the application data needed to be moved. Other times the application was being Re-Hosted to a new database or Operating System (O/S), where both data and application code needed changing to accommodate a 32-64bit environment.

The concept of a Migration Garage is useful when there are a number of applications with the same requirements or that have a common set of data that is changing and similar changes have to be made to each application as it is transformed to its new environment.

The reasons can be because there is a corporate policy or requirement in the IT Risk section of the company’s IT Plan to standardize on technologies (Hardware, O/S,  VM, Cloud Deployment or Application), to minimize risks, retire aging technologies and assets or modernize the applications as part of “going digital” and improving service to customers. As part of the 3R’s process, there are opportunities to review User Interfaces (UIs) and data visualization, technology versions and security. These and other enhancements can be part of the finishing processes in the garage.

Come and see how you go from Concept to Reality – we will discuss how a garage can be set up to deal with the end-to-end requirement, the staffing required to make the garage a success, and where the savings come from when a garage process is defined.

There is a process to be followed; there are opportunities to reduce time to value, and costs.