Moving Data with UDACentral – Live Demonstration

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Webinar Date: April 21, 2016

This webinar recording is available to watch on our video page.

Birket Foster – CEO started his career in the 70’s, taking on contracts to perform data transformations manually, without the automation tools that exist today. Through his career, he built a company that’s mission is to make these data transformations more automated and configurable with a graphical interface.

Our migration solution, UDACentral, speeds up data extracts and delivery. It greatly reduces the time it takes to develop scripts at a very affordable price.

In this video we show you how to drag and drop and map data from source to target, automatically create migration scripts, and migrate tens of millions of rows per hour.

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Our latest additions to the UDACentral product includes:

After viewing this video and if desired you can download the free trial from our website and or call us to get started on your data migration project.

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