UDASync – Data and Database Synchronization Demonstration

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Webinar Date: April 10, 2019

MB Foster’s UDASync is a reliable data and database synchronization solution facilitating a many-to-one and one-to-one data relationships, supporting 30 database source-target combinations, full data migration capabilities, future data synchronization growth and enabling enterprises to accelerate the sharing of data for business operational and business intelligence needs.

Data synchronization is not just reserved for large organizations. Small and Medium size businesses can incorporate this strategy tactically and eliminate manual processes of depositing aged data into marketing or sales data repositories.

Are you struggling to be competitive? Let MB Foster help you reach your goal! Now is the time to implement a data synchronization solution and discontinue use of ETL scripts and manual batch process to off-load data for decision support, or relying on canned ERP reports that will never meet business objectives or KPI’s.

Data synchronization delivers true benefits and data that’s up-to-date every second of everyday.

Looking for a data / database synchronization solution? Join us on April 10, 2019.