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Webinar Date: November 28, 2016

This webinar recording is available to watch on our video page.

We have seen both company executives and users desire access to real time data.  I.T. Professionals worry about the impact that simultaneous and multiple queries have on system performance.  

We all understand that real-time information can make a big difference in supporting users, improving operations and the bottom line. Generally, those who don’t leverage real-time replication software are at a disadvantage.  

In this video of a webinar you will see how UDASync for RDBMS’ avoids the risk of bogging down the system but enhances user performance when data has been off-loaded from operational systems and on-boarded to a dedicated replication database. 

The video includes a live demonstration of UDASync for RDBMS’ and how you can deliver high-performing synchronization services throughout your data centre.

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